Big Behr Design Company Big Behr Design Company
Our Process - Discover

1. Discover: Our first step is to listen and learn. We analyze your existing communications and planning materials. We examine your competitors’ branding efforts. Then we work with you and your stakeholders to define the problems, needs, and criteria of the project and outline them in a Creative Work Plan.

Our Process - Create

2. Create: After the Creative Work Plan is approved, we develop ideas and strategies. We examine and explore the most promising solutions to solve the defined problem. We develop rough prototype layouts to share our creative and strategic recommendations with you and your stakeholders.

Our Process - Decide

3. Decide: Together with you and your stakeholders, we evaluate the creative and strategic recommendations using the Creative Work Plan as a guide. Using your feedback, we make adjustments to the prototype layouts and work with you to determine the solution that best solves the problems, needs, and criteria as outlined in the Creative Work Plan.

Our Process - Implement

4. Implement: Once creative concepts are approved and a strategy is agreed upon, we oversee the development and implementation of the project. We work with our creative network to complete projects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Time spent on each step in the process will vary depending upon our relationship with you and your needs. For new clients, more time will be spent in the Discovery phase. For existing clients, the majority of our time will be spent on Creation and Implementation.