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EDC — “The Recipe for Business Success” Self-mailer

We worked with Josie Hesjkie and her team at the EDC (Entrepreneurial Development Center) to develop this very personalized self-mailer to promote Curtis Nelson’s seminar, “The Recipe for Business Success”, which was presented by the EDC, TrueNorth, and Bradley & Riley PC. The target: CEOs, Presidents, VPs, and entrepreneurs. A very busy group to say the least. So busy, we surmised, that they would be so overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of their businesses that they would find it nearly impossible to take a whole day away from their businesses to focus on the “big picture” at their businesses. What better way to grab their attention—and the attention of their assistants—than to feature an image of a business person laying on the ground covered with Post-It Notes? Better yet, all of the notes on the body were personalized with that person’s name and notes reminding him/her to RSVP to attend the seminar. Inside the mailer, a bright yellow Post-it Note had another personalized message. And the text within the mailer was personalized with the name of the reader and his/her business. Now that’s what we call personalized direct mail!