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Cedar Graphics — “That’s Good To Know” Campaign

Using the same photos from a series shot by creative partner, Mike Schlotterback, we developed a direct mail campaign with the theme, “That’s Good To Know,” which was written by longtime creative partner, Jack Zumwalt. The postcards highlighted employees who “really knew their stuff” and demonstrated how they put their knowledge to work—in conjunction with Cedar Graphics’ outstanding equipment—to help their clients achieve their goals. Everything was produced and mailed in-house at Cedar Graphics, including the digitally-printed postcards, which featured “Personalized URLs” (or “PURLs”, pronounced “Pearls”) which invited the reader to visit a personalized micro-site that matched the look and feel of the postcards. PURLs enable marketers to easily track response rates and customize future communications.

For more information about how PURLs work, visit Cedar Graphics’ website at