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Kenwood Records Management  Sales Kit

Kenwood Records Management – Sales Kit

Everything Kenwood Records Management does revolves around documents, from scanning and digitizing them for easy access and retrieval, to off-site storage and shredding. So naturally, everything we created for their brand identity revolved around common office supplies that businesses use to manage their documents: The pocket folders look like green hanging folders (including notches where plastic tags can be inserted for “filing” them in a file drawer) and the manila folders look as if they’ve been hand-stamped with a Kenwood Records logo.

The company name looks as if it was been handwritten on the tab (in standard “Bic” blue ink) and all items have barcodes imprinted on them to reflect the way every document is tracked in their logistics-based system. If you scan the barcodes, the message on the scanner screen displays a marketing message or their Web address and phone number. We even created small manila folders to be inserted into the CD cases (which featured an overview video) and miniature, manila folder-shaped business cards.