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Mercy Medical Center

In 1998, hospital newsletters were usually just a few pages printed in black plus a secondary color for accents. The photos were black and white halftones (only tones of gray, no color). Kristin Geipel, the VP of Marketing at Mercy Medical Center at the time, asked us to develop concepts for a 24-page, full-color magazine that would be called The Mercy Touch. We teamed up with their in-house editor and recommended freelance copywriters, a professional photographer, and Cedar Graphics in Hiawatha, Iowa to print it. The result was a dynamic, colorful marketing tool that had dramatic impact across the Cedar Rapids metro area. It went on to win several awards over the years and helped to boost the Mercy Medical Center brand. We designed, art directed, and oversaw the production of quarterly issues for over 10 years until we handed it off to their in-house staff. We also produced hundreds of brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials, including many Annual Reports, a few of which are shown here. Visit Stories to see more examples of our work together.