Brecke Mechanical Contractors

For several generations, Brecke Mechanical Contractors has built and maintained critical mechanical systems for clients in eastern Iowa and throughout the world. In anticipation of their 50th anniversary, Bob Brecke and his leadership team asked us to freshen up their brand identity and create a new, responsive website. During our Discovery Phase, we discussed a major problem with their name: over their fifty years in business, they had been known as B.G. Brecke Inc., Brecke Mechanical Contractors, and other iterations—which was causing confusion in the marketplace. We worked with them to ensure their logo and business name would be used consistently in all communications. Now their fleet of service vehicles work as traveling billboards and their website is a tremendous tool for attracting new business. We also developed new signage, clothing, sales materials, office artwork, and art directed photography for their website and other marketing materials. The website is now maintained internally, but we enjoyed giving them the tools to do the job right!

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