Mercy Medical Center

For our first project with Mercy Medical Center several decades ago, we were asked to develop concepts for a 24-page, full-color magazine that would be called The Mercy Touch magazine. We teamed up with their in-house editor and recommended freelance copywriters, a professional photographer, and Cedar Graphics in Hiawatha, Iowa to print it. The result was a dynamic marketing tool that made quite an impact. It went on to win several awards and helped to boost the Mercy Medical Center brand. We designed, art directed, and oversaw the production of quarterly issues for over 10 years until we handed it off to their in-house staff. We’ve continued to produce hundreds of brochures, flyers, annual reports, and other marketing materials whenever they need us.

When Mercy Medical Center first began building their network of MercyCare Community Physicians offices many years ago, they asked us to introduce the new facilities in an attention-getting way that would also give people a sense of who would use their services. We came up with the “Walk-in, Limp-in, Crawl-in” concept, which set the tone for the campaign. We created outdoor billboards, newspaper ads, and direct mail postcards, which led to more awards—but more importantly—a stronger brand and more patients for Mercy.

To help promote the opening of their state-of-the-art imaging Center at the Mercy Health Plaza, we changed the well known phrase “Image isn’t everything” to “Image is everything”—at least when it comes to C.T. scans, x-rays, and ultrasound procedures. We used a photo of a woman holding an x-ray in front of her body to educate viewers about what “imaging” meant.