Cedar Memorial

Cedar Memorial is a beautiful cemetery park and funeral home with caring professionals at every turn. We’ve had a great working relationship with John Linge and his team for several decades, and we respect the difficult job they do every day.

We have been entrusted to oversee all of their brands, including Cedar Memorial, Iowa Cremation, and Companions for Life, a pet cremation service. We partner with both internal and external team members to provide copywriting, layout and design, art direction, and many other services, including creative development and production for radio and TV commercials, DVD development, direct mail campaigns, newspaper advertising, and much more.

We’ve overseen the ongoing development and expanding services provided on the main Cedar Memorial website, including a web store for their flower shop and other memorialization items. We are currently partnering with a local web development company to host and maintain their extensive websites.

We’ve helped to name many of their services and events and then provided creative services to bring them to life. For an event offering continuing education opportunities for Hospice professionals, we combined the words Hospice and Respite to create the name: Hospite and added the tagline: A respite for hospice workers. All of the branding materials — including flyers, direct mail, print, and web advertising — featured a relaxing blue and green palette with beautiful illustrations of nature.

Recently, we oversaw the renaming and rebranding of the Cedar Memorial flower shop, which had been located within Cedar Memorial Park Cemetery since 1954. The shop was being moved to the old chalet building across First Avenue to accommodate growth in the Chapel of Memories building. We created a logo that emphasized “The Flower Shop” and de-emphasized “at Cedar Memorial Park”  by putting it in smaller type so the flower shop could be branded primarily as a flower shop. We created signage, cards, stationary, vehicle graphics and other graphics to implement the brand identity. We also wrote, directed, and produced a series of fun and unique radio commercials that featured national-level voice talent to help position The Flower Shop as a new destination for flowers and gifts. We’re happy to report that sales have blossomed!

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