The University of Iowa

We have partnered with several different colleges within The University of Iowa to improve their brands, including Continuing Education, Engineering, and the Tippie College of Business.

We teamed up with a freelance copywriter and the dynamic team at The Tippie College of Business to redesign their website a few years ago. While conducting focus groups and interviews with students, faculty, and staff, we discovered there were many amazing stories that weren’t being told. Our solution not only brought those stories into the public eye, it also inspired a new brand position for the college—“The Power of I: Integrity. Innovation. Impact.” reflected the core values of the college and focused the brand messaging under one umbrella theme.

Although we were originally brought in to just redesign the website, the marketing team at Tippie liked the new brand concept so much that they asked us to develop ideas for an overall branding campaign, too. We developed an “I-3” logo, which featured an “I” with a raised “3” (to the third power), to act as the core identifier for the campaign. We showed how it could be used on banners, postcards, shirts and hats, ads, and many more applications. The in-house team at Tippie did a wonderful job making it their own and applying it to everything they do to market Tippie.