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When Gregg Barcus became CEO at iPrism Global, he asked us to help rebrand their main product that offered a web-based workplace for companies with mobile workforces and multiple locations. Their enterprise-level solution integrates and streamlines documents, passwords, and communications into one easily customizable system that can be up and running in days—not months. Gregg wanted to target companies with regulatory requirements, specifically investment companies with large broker-dealer networks. 

Our creative partner was Jack Zumwalt, a great copywriter and strategic thinker. We helped rename the product and developed a new brand identity and strategy. The name and tagline we came up with was, “MyOffice. Where productivity soars.”  

Mr. Barcus didn't want to use the phrase "cloud computing," so we used a subtle cloud graphic on all of the marketing materials to allude to “cloud computing” without repeating it everywhere. We used a paper plane in the logo to symbolize the more relaxed office setting MyOffice offered by improving productivity.

The MyOffice brand identity features a predominately blue palette. We also used colorful 3D graphics to help prospects visualize the concepts being presented.

The back of the letterhead and the second sheets have a folding diagram on them so you can make a paper plane, just like the one in the MyOffice logo. It's a fun graphic element that really stood out in a very serious marketplace. 

Greg asked us to create an innovative PowerPoint slideshow to accompany their trade show booth and to help introduce their new business to attendees. We suggested a Prezi® instead and created this unique way of introducing their company. Unlike a lot of Prezi shows—which zoom in and out and around and about so much that they make some viewers nauseous—we created a more restrained show that looked more like an animated video than a slideshow.

The lightweight 10-foot trade show display has a fabric graphic cover that boldly features the look and feel of the MyOffice brand. The display simply slips over the lightweight frame and zips closed on one side. The frame sets up without tools and is shockcorded for easy assembly. Best of all, the full 10-foot display fits in one easy-to-manage case so it can easily be moved from the one location to another. 

We partnered with web programmer, Kathy Scharmer, and copywriter, Jack Zumwalt, to create an attention-getting and informative website. The site matches the look and feel of the brand and features the same 3D graphics that were used on all of the print and digital marketing materials.